Zero Tolerance For Drivers That Use Marijuana In The Mitten

Zero tolerance for cannabis users that choose to drive in Michigan is exactly where we are at today. Everyone agrees that the level of THC in our blood has no relevance to impairment by marijuana. However, this simple fact combined with the mere opinion of a Drug Recognition Expert, will result in a conviction for Operating Under the Influence or Driving While Impaired.

Whether or not an individual has actually used cannabis or is impaired by cannabis in any way has no relevance on these cases. Innocent people that have never driven under the influence of anything will be going to jail without fail. Roadside tests used by these officers are not even designed to test for impairment from marijuana. They are for alcohol impairment only. Many would even go as far to say that these officers are specially trained to convict people whether they are impaired or not. During one officers testimony here in Michigan he went as far as to say that the drivers tongue was "green from marijuana use".

All of the studies and reports that have been done on the subject of driving while under the influence of marijuana have found these same things to be true about these drivers:

1) They drive slower.

2) They do not drive as close to the car in front of them.

3) They do not drive as aggressively or take as many risks.

4) Even though reaction time is slowed, accident rates and mortality rates have been reduced in every state that has legalized cannabis.

5) There is no relevance between a level of impairment and blood levels.