Treating Your Pet With Cannabis

Updated: Apr 29

Below is the link for the recipe Uncle Pete uses to make medicine for his pets.

A growing number of veterinarians believe cannabidiol (CBD) products derived from hemp as well as medicine made from full spectrum cannabis can be effective in treating an array of health issues in dogs and cats from mobility issues to cancer, but federal and state laws make it nearly impossible for them to discuss it with pet owners like many other effective natural treatments. The major difference between the two are the laws. CBD products can be shipped worldwide and are effective for many pets, while cannabis products can only be purchased in person or made at home. Discussing these things with your local vet could either go very well or it could be unapproachable. That does not mean it is not the best medicine for us or our pets. It simply exposes the significant gap between reality and our current legislation.

Vets don’t have the authority to prescribe a Schedule I drug, so it is impossible for a quick trip to the local veterinarian to yield these products for your pet. In fact, in many states they are barred from counseling pet owners on the potential therapeutic uses of cannabis.

Currently it’s a conversation that has to be had carefully between veterinarians and pet owners so nobody gets into legal jeopardy. In other words, it is best to do it yourself. Acquiring CBD products is as simple as finding a product on Amazon from a source you can trust. Understanding the source and process utilized can be a nightmare. That is why we have done the work for you by recommending the same products that we use on our pets at home.

Uncle Pete's Dogs Waiting For Medicine

Because many veterinarians risk their licenses and criminal prosecution for prescribing cannabis to pets, they have to be very careful in how they talk about the plant. We have our First Amendment freedom of speech to speak directly about this as long as we are not giving medical advice. If we’re giving educational information it’s a much easier situation. So that is exactly what we are doing here. Providing some free information to help you decide what is best for your pet.