Special Outdoor Auto Flower Package Deal: 50% off

Updated: Apr 11

There is a new trend in the cannabis industry with automatic flowering cannabis plants being grown indoors and outdoors. This is a direct result of the evolution of these genetics into what we know today as a full library of cannabis strains now available in an auto flower variety. With potency reaching upwards of 25% on some of these genetics and the fast and easy return on investment, these options are quite viable for many farmers. Low profile, fast to finish, and easy to grow!

Finishing our outdoor harvest before anyone else has even begun makes this option quite attractive to many enthusiasts who may not have "legal options" for cultivating some cannabis. The low profile is also beneficial. This is also convenient for over curious neighbors, tight spaces, or to just throw a few in between your vegetables in the summer.

Multiple harvests are possible when growing auto flowering cannabis strains outdoors. Most varieties are going to finish in 60 to 70 days. With some proper planning and a calendar, it is quite simple to plan this out ahead of time.

Strong genetics is probably the single most important factor for a strong and bountiful outdoor grow of any kind. This is a once a year type of opportunity. Our genetics are proven here in the challenging climate of northern Michigan and will run strong anywhere as a result. All of our auto flowering cannabis seeds are guaranteed to be 100% female and have a 100% germination guarantee.

Auto flowers love organic soils. Dig a hole or plant in a container. The bigger the hole or container, the bigger the plant will be. We have seen our auto flowers grow up to 2 lbs per plant when grown in 100 gallon containers with a proper organic soil. Most areas have a reliable source for true living organic soil. We prefer our own soil mix that is provided by Morgan Composting.

This is a great way for beginners, patio farmers, guerilla growers, and folks just wanting to grow their own smoke to achieve their goals faster, easier, and cheaper than some other options. Get in the game today by "Planting a seed, growing some pot, and making a difference".

We are now offering a "Special Outdoor Auto Flower Package" while supplies last. Included in these packages is:

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(2) 12 packs of Feminized Modified Cookies auto flower seeds: $400 value

(2) 12 packs of Feminized Warped Alien OG auto flower seeds: $400 value

(2) 12 packs of Feminized Chem K9 auto flower seeds- $400 value

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Order 2 of these Value Packs and get them for just $999. That is $2400 in retail value for only $999. 2 Free hat pins and some nice stickers will be included with these orders.


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