Uncle Pete's RCO (Real Cannabis Oil) Recipe

Updated: Jan 6

Below you will find everything you need to know about how to make cannabis oil just like Uncle Pete does. This oil saved his life from liver cancer, diabetes, hepatitis c, and more. Uncle Pete has worked with thousands of patients from across the globe over the last 10 years and helped to save the lives of countless others. This process has evolved over the last 10 years to what you see here, and produces a pure, full-spectrum oil that is transparent and golden, suitable for any use of cannabis oil.

Anyone over 21 can come to Uncle Pete and acquire cannabis oil now in the state of Michigan. It is 100 percent legal for us to gift this oil to anyone over 21. With that being said, there is never enough to go around so we are constantly forced to decide who we can help and who we cannot. For this reason, making your own cannabis oil is always the best option.

How To Make Cannabis Oil

Cannabis concentrates have acquired many names over the years including Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), CBD oil, THC oil, wax, rosin, hash, hash oil, shatter, butter, etc. The differentiating factor between these resulting products is the process used make the various forms.

This topic describes how we make pure cannabis oil or Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). While there are a wide variety of terms used to describe these processes and products, this topic describes a full-spectrum cannabis oil meant to be ingested. This page strictly discusses how Uncle Pete makes his oil - it saved his life and has a proven track record of helping many others with every qualifying condition under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Solvent Selection