Preventing Pests and Disease

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Maintaining a clean grow area, a controlled environment, and spraying with Einstein Oil once a week will prevent most common issues with cannabis plants like spider mites, mold, and mildew.

By keeping the garden area and plants clean, it is simple to see new issues - regardless of how big or small they may be. A grow cannot be too clean or too organized. Pay attention to the small details. Spend some time with your plants. Keep things pretty like someone important is coming to see your garden. Always take the extra moment to do things well.

There are no excuses or workarounds for poor environment. When attempting to grow cannabis indoors, success depends upon maintaining the proper environment. While our favorite plant may be able to withstand many abuses and survive in many conditions, our goal is to help our plants thrive, not merely survive. Creating a suitable environment requires some basic skills, common sense, and almost certainly requires some spending. Spending money on good environmental control is never wasted - don’t cut corners. Take care of your environment first. Do not add plants to a garden that is has not been properly set up and tested for temperature and humidity over a period of a few days and nights. Thriving plants are much less likely to succumb to pests and disease.

Cleanliness is a word that can mean different things to different people - one man's dump is another man's paradise. Plants grow in dirt, but they don’t like a dirty environment. There are many reasons for this, but again, our goal is thriving plants. You cannot keep a garden too clean. That doesn’t mean that a surgical cleanliness must be maintained, however. If you believe you need to have surgical gloves, lab coats, delousing chambers, vacuumed double doors for entrance, or space age technology to manage an indoor cannabis farm - don't worry. You don’t. Just keep it clean. Sweep the floors, line the walls with plastic and wipe them down often - make an effort. Most of all, remove all dead plant material from the area. Use your common sense. If you need further instruction on how to clean your room, call your mama!

Using Einstein Oil

Other than the general cleanliness and controlled environment (there it is again) required for a thriving indoor garden, the one active preventative measure Uncle Pete recommends is spraying Einstein Oil once per week. Use the full strength instructions on the bottle and apply it to the plants generously. Use a pump sprayer which can be purchased at any gardening shop or big-box store. Be sure the sprayer is free of debris and clean the tip every time you spray. Adjust the sprayer to provide a hard-spraying, fine mist that can be heard when it hits the leaves. Rinse the sprayer when done. Take care of it and learn how to maintain it for peak performance. It's really simple, but these steps are skipped by many of the gardeners that encounter problems. A gardener that cannot take the time to mix, shake, clean, adjust, and operate a pump sprayer will have many other problems.

It may be helpful to turn off oscillating fans while spraying, and follow this pattern: