Killing Spider Mites w/ Uncle Pete

Updated: Jan 26

The first time I found spider mites in my indoor garden I had no idea what they were. We did not have the resources we have today at our fingertips and it was a devastating experience. I simply did not learn enough, fast enough, to make the difference. After that experience I sat down at my kitchen table with multiple leaves infested with mites. I began applying multiple products and household remedies and observing the live mites and the eggs for day after day after day. I did this first hand and learned a lot about spider mites in the process.

The two spotted spider mite is oval in shape, about 1/50 inch long and may be brown or orange-red, but a green, greenish-yellow or an almost translucent color is the most common.

The female is about 0.4 mm in length with an elliptical body that bears 12 pairs of dorsal setae. Overwintering females are orange to orange-red. The body contents (large dark spots) are often visible through the transparent body wall. Since the spots are accumulation of body wastes, newly molted mites may lack the spots. The male is elliptical with the caudal end tapering and smaller than the female. The axis of knob of aedeagus is parallel or forming a small angle with axis of shaft.

The key to killing spider mites, in my humble opinion, is as simple as follows.

Spider Mites on Cannabis
Spider Mites on the bottom of a cannabis leaf.