Tyler's "Just Add Water" Program

This is the simplest way to grow quality cannabis at home indoors or out. All of the plant's food is in the soil - only water is added until harvest. The grower just needs to ensure that the plant doesn't suffer water stress.

Why Would You Use Tyler's "Just Add Water" Soil?

This soil mixture can be used to supplement food or to provide all of the nutrients a plant will need to grow. Plants are extremely capable of regulating the nutrients they need and when they need them (generally far more effective than a farmer) so why not capitalize on that? The water-only program maximizes the natural efficiency that plants have to take more work away from the farmer, so they can enjoy more benefits of farming with far less work than even the simplest feeding programs.

Clones ready to be transplanted into Tyler's Soil

How Do I Get Started?

Germinate seeds or propagate clones as we have taught in the other courses. When you are ready to transplant, you must determine how large you want to grow the plant because the soil is going to slowly break down over time and give the plant a set amount of food every day, so in short more soil = more food.


If growing smaller plants (under 4' tall x 18" wide, including pot height) transplant the clone directly into a 5 gallon pot rather than using a 1 gallon transitional pot. The super soil is only going to feed your plant efficiently if it has good root development within the soil, so allow your plants to grow into that space steadily. Be careful not to water too heavily after the initial transplant.

Larger plants (under 5' tall x 3' wide, including pot height) should be grown in at least 10 gallon pots. A smaller 1 gallon transition pot is highly recommended for best results. Plants larger than this should be grown in at least 20 gallons of soil.

Maintaining Your Plants

Most of the work is done once you have transplanted your seedling or rooted clone into Tyler's soil. Maintaining your plant from here is routine. It is important to understand that this soil generally gives farmers the healthier plants they desire. Plants are capable of superior growth with this complete diet due to thicker cell walls that tolerate and even thrive when we are bending, topping, and training our plants. Overall training is a breeze when combined with the superior growth experienced with a complete program like this. Finding the same availability when using various nutrient programs is near impossible for even the experienced farmer. Bottled products can be quite effective for some farmers, but require years of experience to develop the perfect formula. Tyler's soil takes all the guess work out - especially when it is combined with the six strains that he will be featuring right here on the Michigan Marijuana Seed Club website. These strains are proven to perform with his soil.

My Plant Outgrew The Container, What Do I Do ?

The simplest solution is to top feed your plant by adding some more fresh soil to the container or to transplant to a larger container if you are still in vegetative growth.

If you are out of room in the container and your plant needs a boost, our soil is still capable of taking in other nutrients. Pick any base nutrient and cal-mag product that you are familiar with and feed twice at 50-75% strength and your plants will come back in no time! The same can be said if you are experiencing any strain-specific deficiencies - you are still able to supplement anything you should need in addition to the soil.

Salts build up in the soil when you used bottled nutrients and they can lock nutrients within the root zone, preventing plants from feeding efficiently. When you use super soils you have fewer salts in your soil and plants can use supplemental nutrients more efficiently, saving you money every step of the way!

What About Flushing? Will Nutrients Remain In My Product?

The best part about plants maintaining themselves is they don't take up what they can't use, so there aren't any residual nutrients in the plant at harvest. If you do have to use a supplemental feed for any reason, follow normal flushing procedure to remove those salts from your root zone. 

Outdoor Soil Preparation

Outdoor farming can be a challenge in any climate. Before concerning ourselves with those conditions and challenges, the first step is to choose what soil we are putting in our holes. Assume that your local soil is not superior to a quality soil mix like ours. Digging a 3' x 3' hole and adding a full yard of our soil will assure that your plant has all it needs while utilizing what is available already in your soil. Starting with a solid root system and all the building blocks of life by utilizing our mix can assure you a successful harvest at the end of the season. It sure takes a lot more than good soil to be successful, but it is the place to start.

Contact us if you are interested in Tyler's soil. It is available for club members only and can be delivered to your home or picked up by you at Morgan Composting.

Living soil full of organic nutrients is the best place to start with any cannabis farm.

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