Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Updated: Jul 6

It is that time of year when outdoor cannabis farmers are planning their spring crops and picking out what strains to run this season. Some cannabis strains do very well outdoors while others do not. Knowing the difference between these strains can make or break any outdoor operation. Getting our plants large enough before we place them outside here in Michigan is crucial to obtaining larger yields per plant. Knee high to waist high plants ready to be in the ground by June 1st is a good rule of thumb for most Michigan outdoor grows. This requires some planning to be ready in time. Most farmers we know are selecting genetics in January and February to get started by March 1st on indoor cultivation of their plants intended to go outdoors in the spring. This can be the difference of yielding a few ounces per plant vs a few pounds per plant. Get your plants started in time!

Uncle Pete's Outdoor

If you are looking for proven outdoor genetics that grow well outdoors here in Michigan (which means they grow well anywhere), by farmers that have first hand experience, look no further. These strains are potent, full of flavor, and offer above average yields on outdoor plants. These plants will flower in 8 weeks or less, kick into flowering early in the season, and finish early enough to harvest before the risk of frost.

All of our current strains do very well outdoors here in northern Michigan. If a plant does well here, it will do well almost anywhere. Northern Michigan has short summers followed by a usually wet and cold fall. Growing strains that finish flowering early is important here.

After we choose our genetics, the next most important decision is what soil or grow medium we are going to use. We prefer to dig holes that are 3'x3'x3' or 1 cubic yard and amend the soil with our own Smoking Tomato soil. You can fill the entire hole or just part of it and mix it in with the original soil. This will provide all of the nutrients and microbial life required for your plants to thrive. Literally just add water and watch your outdoor plants flourish.