Germinating and Planting Your Seeds

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Growing a healthy cannabis plant from seed is very simple, but Uncle Pete has developed a few tips and tricks to help ensure that seeds are viable and get a strong start to ensure a healthy seedling.

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Success in germinating seeds is dependent on environment. In fact, environment is of paramount importance through the growing cycle, and while the most important parameters to be controlled differ for each phase of the plant's life cycle, the point remains the same. Good results cannot be assured without a good environment.

For seed germination, the important control factors are temperature, moisture, and light. Seeds will germinate well at 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit. You do not want the seeds or sprouts to dry out at all during the germination process. Germinating seeds must be kept in complete darkness.

Seed Germination

Now let's germinate your seeds using Uncle Pete's favorite method! Gather your seeds, four sheets of paper towel, a dinner plate, a one-gallon Ziploc bag, and a cloth towel.

  1. Wet the paper towel with tap water if you have a clean well. Use distilled water if you are in the city and can smell chlorine in water fresh from the tap. Don't use water that feels either warm or cold to the touch. Gently squeeze the excess water out the paper towel and layer all four sheets on the dinner plate.

  2. Place the seeds in the middle of the paper towel.

  3. Put the plate with paper towels and seeds entirely into the Ziploc bag and seal it, then cover with the cloth towel to keep it dark and warm.

  4. Put the entire assembly in a spot which will maintain a consistent 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Uncle Pete uses the top of the refrigerator, but finding the right spot before germination by measuring day and night temperature with a thermometer will minimize risk to your valuable seeds and time.

  5. Check the seeds after 48 hours. Do not expose the germinating seeds to light until then. A healthy germinated seed will have a clearly visible root and may be planted as described below.

  6. Most cannabis seeds will germinate within the first 48 hours, but some varieties are a bit slower. If all of the seeds haven't germinated, put everything back together as described in step three and four and wait another 24 hours before checking again.