Feminized Seeds: Small Batch Craft Cannabis Seeds (3 Strains Available)

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our first time making feminized seeds. Up to this point we have always focused on regular seeds and have held strong to the belief that this is the natural way of doing things. After endless requests for feminized seeds from our customer base, we have finally started to produce some of our own.

These small batches are from strains that we have been running for years and are known to be stable beyond doubt. This is the first requirement to make a stable feminized seed that will not herm out on you. Many feminized seed lots available today are not made from stable genetics and tend to carry that hermaphroditic tendency we all try to avoid. Nothing is more disappointing then finding a "nanner" on week 6 of flowering only to realize our entire crop will be full of seeds. Taking the time to breed stable genetics that have been proven over time is exactly what separates our feminized seeds from others.

We currently carry a limited supply of 3 different feminized seeds strains:

Feminized Uncle Pete's Double Bubble - Made from Uncle Pete's longest running and most shared

cut of Double Bubble Berry. This is a long time favorite of many farmers and consumers alike here in Michigan and beyond. This strain is sativa dominant with an uplifting high from a fruit bowl of flavor.

Flowering Time: 60 days

Yield: Heavy

Potency: Medium

Feminized Gorilla's Breath- The artist formally known as GG4. :)

This strain is gassy, stinky, funky, nasty, gassy, gassy, and more gas. Nuff said?<