Nature's Naturals' Cookies: Feminized Seeds

This classic strain will not disappoint. Expect extremely tight nuggets with dark green and purple hues showing through a heavy coat of crystals. This powerful strain makes its presence known through the waves of euphoria and bursts of creativity during, as well as after smoking. A patient suffering from depression would be able to relax and calm in the mind, while not feeling too sedated. The Cookies shows its true Indica dominance with its sedating body high and overall relaxation. Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid, but does not feel sluggish as some other Indica strains do. This allows for this strain to be a good choice for a wide variety of medical patients and recreational users alike.

Flowering Time: 60 Days

Yield: Heavy w/ Dense Nugs

Potency: 25-28%


(1) Pack of 6 Feminized Seeds for $125

(1) Pack of 12 Feminized Seeds for $200

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