Clones Available Daily: No Pre Orders

Updated: Apr 11

Clones are now available BY APPOINTMENT for curb side pick up only in Prudenville as well as East Pointe Michigan. Please be sure to give us a call to make your appointment. Do not just show up to our house. $40 each is the price. There are no breaks.

Our clone availability changes daily. Give us a call when you are ready to come pick up clones. We apologize for any inconvenience. We simply cannot make enough clones for everyone that wants them. Feel free to call us daily to check on what clones may be available... if and only are ready to come get them.

We take our cuttings from mother plants and slightly scrape the stems to allow roots to grow through a little quicker. We then soak them in Clonex rooting gel for a few minutes and put them into cups with our clone and seedling mix. We do this in clear cups with holes cut out from the edge for drainage. We use clear cups so we can see the root development in the bottom cup and to allow light to pass through the top one. By adding the other clear cup over the top we make individual clone domes in a very cost effective way. This is the simplest way for us to make clones. We do not offer clones in any other medium or style and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our hydroponic farmers. Our clones will either come in these cups or will be transplanted into a number 1 or number 2 container with our veg mix number 2 soil or promix. This will depend on who the farmer is that produces the clones. '

All clones are sold as is. They will be well rooted and live plants. All of our plants and gardens are sprayed weekly to prevent pests and issues. Everyone is responsible for their own garden and the prevention of pests. Do not blame us or anyone for your issues.

Trench Buddy "Teenagers" Ready For New Homes

Because the cause of many of these pests can come directly from soil, be picked up outside, or from many sources, it is not likely that any of our clones will cause issues in anyone's garden. With that being said, any experienced farmer knows to treat any new addition to our garden as if it could be infested. We spray our new entries heavily with Einstein oil and Azamax in our garden. Whatever you use to prevent bugs and pests in your garden should be used to prevent any issues from any source. If we do not use a prevention plan then we will eventually see some pests and usually sooner than later. It is common for new farmers and old to blame everyone but themselves for issues in their garden. It is our problem if it happens and our responsibility to prevent and treat any issues. Take a forward stance against pests and issues in your garden and be responsible for for your own future. Blaming other farmers is not the solution.