Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

This infusion works great for ingestion or as a topical. We like to fill size 00 capsules with it for either purpose. The capsules can then be ingested or opened to use as a topical lotion.

When this recipe is followed, the end product is usually 50% decarboxylated. In other words, there is THCA and THC present in roughly equal parts. CBDA and CBD may also be present, depending on which varieties of marijuana are used. This is what we consider a true full spectrum oil when made with a variety of strains and "activated" in this manner. Regarding cost, effect, and ease of preparation - there is no better formulation.

Start with dry material. There is no need to grind this material before infusion, as the more you handle your material, the more trichomes you may lose. We prefer to use a variety of strains. By doing this and activating (decarboxylating) 50% of the cannabinoids to maintain both THCA and CBDA along with the THC and CBD, you will yield a true full spectrum oil for that is great for almost any condition.

We use 1-2 ounces of cannabis for each pint of organic, cold pressed, coconut oil. Quality trim is also perfect for this - quality being the key factor.

Put 2 ounces of cannabis, 2 pints of coconut oil, and 4-5 pints of water into a pressure cooker. Target 15 lbs. of pressure such as this model maintains.