10# Hammer: Regular Seeds

Updated: Jan 1

This strain was finished in 2019 outdoors in Northern Michigan by Jennifer Cook after we crossed it a couple times indoors. Known for it's knock down power and pure potency, this plant is impressive in anyone's bouquet of flowers.

10# Hammers grows well indoor and outdoor in most regions. It likes to be topped and pruned and has a nice jump during the transition into flowering. Giving this plant the support and maintenance it deserves will pay off. We like to use cattle fence around our plants inside and out. Our average yield indoors with 20 gallon pots is 20 to 25 oz. Outdoors in Northern Michigan we expect 2 lbs per plant from this strain when taken care of properly. This strain likes to eat but does not like to be over watered. Like most plants, finding that balance is part of the key to unlocking the potential within.

Flowering Time: 65 Days

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Potency: 25 to 29% THC

Genetics: Thor x 9# Hammer