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   Welcome to the Michigan Marijuana Seed Club, Michigan's premier resource for cannabis seeds.  We currently feature several exclusive cannabis strains of our own.  We are committed to the cause of offering the most powerful and medicinal strains available.  All of our strains range from 25 to 30 percent THC and are guaranteed to be some of the most stable genetics around. This is due to the commitment and dedication of a crew and family that understands integrity and perseverance more than most. This is a "Mom and Pop" operation run by Uncle Pete, his wife Cristy, and one of the best crews in the industry. 

Why Not Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are made from plants that hermaphrodite or that are forced to produce a male flower on an otherwise female plant. Plants grown from feminized seeds are much more likely to hermaphrodite because they are made in this way then regular seeds that are proven to be more stable that are made the way nature intended. 

When we start seeds, we are usually looking for that special cut that we can continue to propagate over and over again in the future. We accomplish this by taking cuttings or clones from our original seed plant or mother plant. Stability is the most important factor when making this choice.

Every seed we plant has the potential to become the next great genetic or cut. Risking the instability of possible hermaphrodites by choosing feminized seeds would be counter productive for this reason. Why perpetuate a risk like this?

Plants from regular seeds that are sorted out in this way have the most potential to become that next trustworthy strain we all are searching for.

1 Pack of 6 regular seeds for $50

1 Pack of 12 regular seeds for $90

2 Packs of 12 regular seeds for $150

$10 Shipping Fee Per Order

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