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   Welcome to the Michigan Marijuana Seed Club, Michigan's premier resource for cannabis seeds.  We currently feature several exclusive cannabis strains of our own.  We are committed to the cause of offering the most powerful and medicinal strains available.  All of our strains range from 25 to 30 percent THC and are guaranteed to be some of the most stable genetics around. This is due to the commitment and dedication of a crew and family that understands integrity and perseverance more than most. This is a "Mom and Pop" operation run by Uncle Pete, his wife Cristy, and one of the best crews in the industry. 

   All of our strains were made in Michigan by Uncle Pete over the last 10 years. Cannabis oil saved Uncle Pete's life from liver cancer, diabetes, hepatitis C and more. Due to this experience our focus is on resin production and plant stature for indoor farming and oil making.  We have been working with thousands of cannabis patients for over a decade and are well known for our work with Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears Foundation, Dr. Robert Melamede, Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, Cannabis Camp, Seed 2 Cure, and more. 

   Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Take the time to check out our "Courses" section to learn about how Uncle Pete grows,  how we make RCO, and more.  We are currently working to bring you a lot more of Uncle Pete's genetics including feminized seeds and auto flower strains. 

1 Pack of 6 seeds for $50

1 Pack of 12 seeds for $90

2 Packs of 12 seeds for $150

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